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Your Solution to dry skin this winter…

Your solution to dry skin this winter…

Its safe to say we all dread this time of year when we have to come to terms with the fact that summer is over and we await the freezing temperatures which ultimately leaves us with that unwelcomed dry and flaky skin. However, this is a great time to reflect on your skin care routine and make sure you have everything you need to keep your skin feeling soft and nourished this winter.

Whether you experience dry skin all year round or just throughout the winter months, it is essential you are using the right products, which include the right ingredients. When it comes to ingredients there are definitely ones to look out for in order to achieve maximum hydration. Hyaluronic Acid is one of MG Skin Formulations favourites and is one of the best ingredients to combat dry skin, enhancing moisture like no other. 1 gram of hyaluronic acid can contain upto 6 litres of water itself, creating instant and lasting hydration for your skin – a true lifeline for your dry skin concerns. However, you will now be wondering what products include this miracle ingredient!

You can find Hyaluronic Acid throughout all the different ranges with MG skin formulations, meaning whichever range you need your skin will be nourished and hydrated. A go to product which is not only great for all skin types but is one MG Skin Formulations best sellers, is the Hydrate and Glow Oil from the sensitive range. This amazing oil is perfect for all skin types and leaves skin feeling soft and flawless, resulting in a natural and healthy glow. You can also add this product to your moisturiser for an intense hydration boost – This is our miracle in a bottle.

In addition to the perfect ingredients there is also specific product types which you should ensure are included in your skin care routine, Serums and Moisturiser are perfect. When it comes to battling dry skin these two products work hand in hand. Serums act like a medicine, penetrating powerful ingredients directly into the skin, making them a great choice for targeting specific concerns. The moisturiser than acts like a seal acting as the perfect barrier to get the best out of your serum. Two of MG Skin Formulations best serums for dry skin include the Collagen Lifting Serum and the Firming Renewal Serum, these are both from the anti-ageing range making them incredibly nourishing and work wonders with the Collagen Boost Balm or our Protect and Repair Aloe Moisturiser which locks in the serum and moisturises the skin.

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