Open pores

How to get rid of open pores…

How to get rid of open pores…

Every day we get asked the same question – how can I remove my open pores? And I really wish I could give you the answer…

It isn’t possible to remove open pores, however, we can shrink the size of it but, unfortunately, there is no miracle cure to completely remove it. Oily skin tends to have larger open pores that are visible under makeup; and the heavier the make up the more viable they become. It’s like a losing battle applying makeup to blur our imperfections, but then on the flip side the open pores stand out more, we just can’t win!

We also must be careful when focussing on trying to remove the open pores that we do not dry out the skin, thus ruining the rest of the complexion by using harsh stripping products which contain chemicals.

It has become more and more popular to use natural organic skin care products, and we as a community are considering the environment when selecting our products. And there’s a lot to contend with.

Savvy consumers

We are becoming more aware of what we are using on our skin alongside what food we are consuming to keep us healthy.

MG Skin Formulations are all-natural, organic, and vegan-friendly products, ensuring only the most natural ingredients are used to nourish care and protect the skin, which provides amazing results that are chemical-free.

Activated ingredients

It is important to use skincare containing charcoal and liquorish – the compounds in these ingredients help shrink the pore size, draw out blackheads and slow down the serum production within the skin.

Considered a Peel?

Another way to help with visible pores is by having Chemical Peels (on a regular basis) to help resurface the skin, and provide a deep exfoliation by removing the buildup of dead skin; thus creating new healthy skin cells. Most good skin clinics will provide Chemical Peel treatments plus there are also home peeling products you can purchase, these are generally more gentle to the skin – plus they offer fantastic results!

One of our favourite products is the MG Skin Formulations’ Protein Peel to use every night at home to sleep in, your skin will feel resurfaced, refreshed, brighter and pores will appear smaller – this is also fantastic for acne, congestion plus to totally cleanse the skin.

It’s also important to regularly exfoliate your skin at home to keep up the effects of the Chemical Peel, and to keep the skin fresh and supple.

Exfoliate, rinse and repeat

You can use the most expensive creams you can find, but if there is a build-up of dead skin on the face then nothing will penetrate into the skin – this is why facial scrubs are a must in everyone’s skincare routine.

The Charcoal Polish from MG Skin Formulations contains liquorish and activated charcoal that exfoliates the skin and helps to draw out impurities.

Also, there are laser treatments that claim to reduce pore size and resurface the skin which works alongside our Clarifying Range of products; however, this needs to be researched further to evaluate the most effective laser treatments.

Hydration is key

You may hear this all the time, but drinking water is essential in keeping skin healthy. This helps clear and clarify the skin, even add a squeeze of lemon if the taste of water bores the hell out of you – at least you’ll get your 2 litres per day.

It’s not all doom and gloom!

Anyone who has suffered from oily skin throughout the years will feel the pain of:

  • make up sliding off

  • feeling self-conscious of spots

  • that constant ‘shine’ on your face – sweat look

  • those large open pores, blackheads and pot marks left over from acne spots

…And an abundance of other annoying things – the pain is endless. This is why MG Skin Formulations have invented the Clarifying Balance & Control Range, not only to help clear up the skin but also to control the oil production throughout the day – this range is truly a godsend to oily skin sufferers. However, with this said, there is a silver lining to oily skin, as oily skin doesn’t age as quickly – so you all might be glad of it in the end!

For more information about our products or to find out more, please get in touch with us, and we will gladly assist.

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  1. Faye says:

    I really want to try a skin range. I use simple at the moment. I have sensitive skin but suffer from open pores and spots and can have oily T-zone …. help x

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