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Anyone can earn an income during lockdown and turn it into your future!

I think deep down we were all expecting this second lockdown; however, it has still come as a shock. That wave of disappointment and uncertainty is becoming a harder pill to swallow as we continue to spend each month not knowing what the next will bring. The worry is not just based around the health of our close family and friends but the financial implications that this pandemic has brought with it. Therefore, here at MG Skin Formulations we wish to provide an opportunity and a solution to people’s financial worries.

With MG Skin Formulations you can become a Trade Supplier, a trade supplier being an individual or business who earns an income through connecting a product or service with their specific customer base. You may have your beauty or hair business, you may just have a love for skincare, or even better a love for MG Skin Formulations.

Our range is completely natural and vegan, using products that are enriched with superior ingredients to achieve amazing results. They have also been specifically made to work alongside advanced facial treatments such as Dermaplaning, Skin Needling and Chemical Peel. Allowing you to add extra luxury to any treatment!

So, I am sure your wondering how it works having witnessed the start-up of several pyramid schemes over the last few years that completely fill your social media. Well, I can confirm this is NOT a pyramid scheme. You will not have the responsibility to get your friends to join your team, to reach targets to get your bonus – You simply get out of it what you put into it.  

To begin with, you will purchase our starter kit, which isn’t a joining fee! It simply provides you with the FULL range of MG products, marketing literature and everything you need to get started. This comes at a cost of £220.00 + VAT however, in addition to the starter kit you will receive a FREE online ABT accredited facial training course which can be done at home! Yes, at home. We have created an accredited course that can be done from the comfort of your own home! This means when this lockdown is over you can jump straight into offering facials. However, I bet you are wondering how you are supposed to make money now….

As part of being a trade supplier you will have access to our entire range (including kits) at trade price – no minimum order and you can order whenever you like! Therefore, you then sell them on at retail price, making instant profit. Our current trade suppliers were over the moon with their figures from the last lockdown

After becoming a trade supplier the world is your oyster, MG Skin formulations works alongside the Cosmetic Aesthetic Training Academy, therefore you can continue to expand your skill set with a range of courses from Microblading, BB Glow, Chemical Peel, Skin needling and much more!

If you would like more information on becoming a trade supplier email us at  and we will be more than happy to answer any questions before becoming part of our team!

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