A little bit about MG Skin Formulations

Our products have been designed and created by Michelle Green, who has over 20 years’ experience within the Cosmetic & Beauty industries.


This range is ideal for balancing oil production in the skin, alongside reducing pore size and preventing breakouts. Perfect for oily and combination skin types with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.


This range is suitable for anyone, especially those who suffers with sensitive skin, to rebalance sensitivity, reduce broken capillaries, calm redness and rosacea to provide long lasting hydration to prevent premature ageing.


This is Michelle’s personal favourite range – packed with brightening ingredients; to even out the skin tone, rehydrate and restore sun damage whilst preventing and reducing the formation of pigmentation. The Brightening Range is fantastic for dull, sallow skin in need of a boost.


This range is pure luxury for mature or dry skin. Created to provide intense hydration, plumping the skin to fight signs of ageing alongside restoring elasticity and firmness to create smooth, supple skin.

These products have been specifically formulated to work in conjunction with each other. Giving the option to mix and match the products from each range, to achieve your desired results.